Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Relationship's in the Toilet - now what?

I am still reeling from a series of approximately five days of verbal abuse from my now insignificant other. Whoever said that children bring you closer together, never had children. I jest. A more profound thought came from a child psychologist who was speaking on a TV panel I was on one day,
"If there are any cracks in a relationship, children will discover them, and break them wide open".
Oh well, apparently our relationship was painted in a crackling medium and has now turned to dust.

I'm so emotionally bankrupt at the moment I really don't have the energy to delve further, but I just wanted to write it down. And let you other people who have gone down hill after junior arrived... I'm here with you.

I am now a monumental 2 weeks and 2 days late on my assignment (oh yeah did I mention, I'm doing a degree via correspondence), and God if you let me pass this one... I'll be greatful...REALLY GRATEFUL.

I could rave on all night here, even with my eyes closed but I really should put head to pillow, and attempt to read another Eckhart Tolle chapter (yeah good luck with that child!).

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