Friday, June 10, 2011


I had the most pleasant experience this morning and I thought I would share the love.  Firstly update...(seem it's been like 100yrs since I posted last).  This is the abridged version.

  • Relationship turns verbally and physically violent
  • Counselling which works, just not the way I thought it would.
  • I leave with child and 3 mths pregnant
  • Go O'seas
  • Come Back, have baby
  • Living with Mother
  • More Counselling

Present day:
Single Mother of two, living with mother, going to counselling and parenting her booty off!! (Oh and still studying for degree).


Anyway back to the pleasant experience.  I've been here for almost two years and have been looking at this child friendly cafe from the outside looking in for a long time now, so I heard there was playgroups there and kept meaning to drop in.  So today I went to the playgroup (with child of course).

It was lovely, good coffee, lovely people, safe and secure setup with a lovely little free morning tea of fruit and cake for the kids.  I was really chuffed.  So here's the love.

The Playgroup is run by Uniting Care Burnside.
Location: Yummy Cafe, 80 Woodhouse Drive (Cnr of Woodhouse and Copperfield) Ambarvale
Time: Friday Mornings, 10am-12pm

They also have a speech therapist in attendence every second week and for more info contact Margaret at North Campbelltown Family Centre on 87963222

They have other locations and days so call for more info.  My 18mth old had a ball!!

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