Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Relationship's in the Toilet - now what?

I am still reeling from a series of approximately five days of verbal abuse from my now insignificant other. Whoever said that children bring you closer together, never had children. I jest. A more profound thought came from a child psychologist who was speaking on a TV panel I was on one day,
"If there are any cracks in a relationship, children will discover them, and break them wide open".
Oh well, apparently our relationship was painted in a crackling medium and has now turned to dust.

I'm so emotionally bankrupt at the moment I really don't have the energy to delve further, but I just wanted to write it down. And let you other people who have gone down hill after junior arrived... I'm here with you.

I am now a monumental 2 weeks and 2 days late on my assignment (oh yeah did I mention, I'm doing a degree via correspondence), and God if you let me pass this one... I'll be greatful...REALLY GRATEFUL.

I could rave on all night here, even with my eyes closed but I really should put head to pillow, and attempt to read another Eckhart Tolle chapter (yeah good luck with that child!).

Monday, November 3, 2008

From Meltdown to Madness

Well today has been a day like any other. Swimming was cancelled due to the pump in the old pool giving out and making the water unsuitable for swimming. Anyway, I still managed to get the social part the morning completed though. My girlfriend whos daughter does swimming around the same time as mine and I just caught up at a local coffee shop, so that was very sweet.

The weather that was previously promised to be raining, turned into a balmy 28 degrees celcius. Beautiful!! I washed and dried a mass of clothes, so should it rain tomorrow as promised I will be the opposite of naked.

I've discovered that due to daylight saving and the new foray into a 'real' bed, my daughter gets up an hour or more earlier than she used to (6am) which means that she is failing by 11am, and the only thing she can do is have the meltdown. Which today meant screaming down K-mart after she saw the colouring in books/the elmo doll/the bikes/the clothes/the toilet seat with Dora on it/the chocolates...face it anything really. It's funny though, the amount of disgusted, judgemental and disapproving looks I receive from the older population is amazing. I guess I'm meant to take the child out to the car (which I don't have) and belt the crap out of the two year old who doesn't know where to put all her feelings. Well that was the lessons in parenting 101 that I recall from their generation I received. I'm always amazed, not at mothers my own age who tend to be quite supportive; but the mothers of yesteryear whose patience has wained along with the memory of what it was to have to deal with a toddler 24/7.

It's funny, I don't believe that anyone else has to put up with my daughters screaming, but I still have to get from here home, and sorry, but I may have to pick up a loaf of bread before I go, considering I won't get out of the house for the next four or five hours.

When you're life is stressful or wearing anyway, it's so lovely just to get that smile and that positive vibe from someone, makes you feel like the whole world is a bit warmer, and that Mariah Carey-esk scream is not quite as loud.

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Prayer

Please Lord, prevent me from killing the two year old.
Let me remember the good times after two hours of getting her to nap.
When she tries to stand on the power point and says "stairs" attemping to jump up and down,
let me remember how innocent and sweet she really is.

When I'm laying her down and she tries to kick me in the head, let me remember,
it's not really intended that way,
it's just a simple struggle for autonomy.

When I've asked her thirty times to lie down, taken every teddy bear I can, and she is still jumping up and down clapping and singing "happy clap"
Let my sanity return and remind me that it's probably not OK for me to sit on her to get to lie still.

When I walk inside her room to see every book, toy and belonging taken from its place and strewn across the floor
Let me remember she's probably just expressing her creativity or seeking the attention that I didn't give her for the four minutes I was in the next room.

And when she finally falls asleep approximately five minutes before she's meant to wake up, and is smiling with the face of intoxicated cherub,
let me remember that revenge is not a very motherly desire and besides God will take care of that in time when she has children of her own...

(c) C. Donoghue 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Too much time on my hands - really

Well as I left you at the last juncture (approx 1.5 yrs ago) that may give you an idea of exactly how much time I've had to write, paint, dilly dally and paint my nails. That's right people none, zero and Nada.

My little angel face is now twenty seven months old (or in layman speak two years & three months). She is well into the terrible adorable twos. We have falling down tantrums for just about every event of the day, let me explain further.
  1. Falling down tantrum one - I have to go to potty and I don't wanna
  2. Tantrum two - I don't want to pull my pants up
  3. Tantrum three - Oh you're making my bottle, I want to put the formula in!
  4. Tantrum four - I don't want Oprah on...I want Elmo (yes Dads, I know you're with her here, but I'm planning a homicide and it involves Dora the Explorer)
  5. Tantrum five - I want your coffee...
6,7,8,....OK now even I'm bored - but you get the gist I'm sure.

We've make the move to the big bed with relatively little drama. We are still in the process of potty training, but I think it's me not her that is taking so long. Our hair is long enough to wear in cute little puffy piggy tails and we're so cute that everyone just dies.

Lot's of drama all the time.

Angel face hits and pinches other children, which has become the bane of any time spent socialising. And here's me, who's trying to do all the 'new' parenting stuff i.e. not belting is waiting for the consistency approach to work. We have a new litany that we recite when approaching all children's social activities
"Remember we have to be GENTLE. What does mummy say? No hitting, no pinching, it makes people sad when you hit or pinch, so be GENTLE and NICE"

This mantra seems to work when the mood is right, and then there's that face that holds glimpses of my angel at 13yrs of age, sayin' yeah wot-ever!!

For the most part though, she can be a delight. Intelligent, brilliant, funny and spirited as none can compare. It is an adventure and we are healthy and therefore blessed.

Would love to keep chatting, but my two year old miss thing is stirring from her nap, so I must get ready to start my afternoon shift.
See you next lunchtime xo