Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Lines in the Sand

There are always fireworks

It's funny how although it's just another day, the fact that another year has ticked over holds so much significance and promise.  No matter how sceptical or sullen we have become, there is either that feeling of a new opportunity to make good, or alternatively a new opportunity for impending doom... maybe a little of both.

For myself the year passing has fulfilled its purpose; many purposes in fact.  The destruction that took place in my life almost five years ago now continued to slowly fade into the background as the spiritual determination and vision that I had for myself and my little family baby steps itself to fruition, like a forest coming back from wildfire, the green foliage is ever more contrasting against the charcoaled blackness.  And with it, my belief in the possibilities of life and the universal way grows in strength and intent.  

For me this life is about experience and learning through that, there is listening and witnessing to what others have experienced and learnt... this year has been filled with those moments too.  And to all those people who have been part of that, I thank you, my encounters with you have had value, even the negative ones.  Without knowing it, you all are contributing to a universal encyclopaedia where nothing ever goes to waste.

In this New Year I already see the tasks spreading out before me, and I will do the work whether I want to or not...  Life has a way of pushing us where we need to go, as I get older, I'm just learning to stop resisting... its easier that way.

One amazing but simple thing that I realised this year past is that in general we ignore our own needs.  Let me be very clear, not 'wants', 'needs'.  There is a huge difference between the two, but in ourselves quite often we are not cognisant of that.  The main reason for that is social engineering, true capitalist form to make us purchase stuff to intensify and multiply our wants and ignore our needs.  In fact, most of us don't even know what we need.  We never take the time, create the space to listen to ourselves and investigate what we really need.  Therefore we feel this constant ache, constant fever and underlying un-fulfillment that we try and solve daily, without ever taking the time to peel back the layers and find out what that need or many needs 'actually' is.

So maybe thats it?  Maybe we start this year by giving ourselves some time, and some space to get in touch with ourselves whether it be five minutes in our garden alone, or fifteen minutes on the beach while our partner takes the kids to get ice cream, to just listen to ourselves and to not judge, not complain... just to be with ourselves and to stop treading water for just a moment, 'cos if we only stop, we can stand strong on the sand.... at least until the next wave comes anyway.

Love x

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