Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's Official - Happy 2012!!

Warning unusually sentimental!!

As I take up my usual New Years position, a glass of bubbly, a box of high quality Belgian chocolates and I toast in the New Year, this year though, unlike many others, I have no friends with me to share my bubbly and chocolate.  Life in the past year has made changes for them too - as it should.

So instead of my one or two friends I'm taking the time to speak to the great world made of spirits and possibilities and I have yet to discover...

To my darling J, my sister girl who used to drop by my Bondi apartment after whatever gig she had that night (New Years is a good earner) and sit on my kitchen bench and speak tired philosophy with me.  I know you're staring into the face of your new life... I'll see you with Erykah baby.

To Ra, who used to just pop over to my house with a moments notice, give me a kiss and squeeze me real tight... where are you babe?

To D, I know our time is done, but thanks for the champas it really is fulfilling its duty right now.  I don't know why, but one day I will.

I make it a habit not to make resolutions as I believe that whatever you resolve to do, you should do any day of the year.

But, I do have hopes for the year just begun.  So let us pray....

Thank you for letting me live this long, everyday is a blessing, even when it doesn't feel like it and so I feel the joy in my soul of what greater honour it was, for me to come here and have this experience.

Ease their pain; there is no reason on this earth why people should go hungry and Americans should have Walmart.  Food isn't just for some people. it's for everybody, so help us to require of people that there be justice in their countries.  Not one person should be starving if I can still buy a cheese burger.  Tell us how to stop the starvation...

(fell asleep here) 3am was my bed time...

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