Sunday, January 21, 2007

Professional First Time Mother...??

I guess I should have started writing this approximately 6 mths ago (if not earlier) when I gave birth to a little girl... let's call her Cherub (her name will be liquid in this blog be warned).

Cherub (who has just woken up and thrown her dummy/pacifier out of her mouth, but is still suspiciously quiet...touch wood) came to this earth through a minor miracle that was 8yrs in coming,,, and I mean that quite literally - 8 yrs of cumming and she only just made an appearance, an inappropriately true fact (I know badd english, pardon moi).

She arrived in the natural way, in a beautiful peaceful waterbirth at the local hospitals birthing centre, after a night of squatting, walking and throwing up at home. It was lovely, and I now feel like a whole woman ;-)

My partner is an annoyingly attentive person, I mean, someone who is out of town and calls you at 2am in the morning because he wants to talk about our relationship, and then takes issue when you are like "babe, sleep is more important than you right now" (I didn't say that out loud - I hope...) He is MUCH older than me, but he is youthful and that is important. Anyway, long story short, he holds the baby when he's at home and that makes him good for something.

Little cherub (who is getting increasingly vocal at this point) is truly beautiful, with hauntingly big brown eyes, who stares the crap out of everyone she sees without blinking (no, she is no akin to Damon). I must admit I get a huge kick out of the fact that all the strangers in the grocery store line who are doing the traditional "ga ga goo goo" which is met with a blank stare, get exceedingly nervous after the 10 second mark when she still hasn't blinked and they just start getting self conscious.

Oh well...I can't apologise... small things amuse me now...

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